Couch Potato Slot MachineI know you love to watch movies or you favorite TV show on Television while sitting on the couch. Couches are now much more than a showcase item. They are now getting a sweet spot in the drawing room. Now they are looked as an alternative for the sofa sets. That gives you a great feeling while sitting on it after walking with your dogs that to 5 Km. It feels like a ship reached the port after a long journey of the ocean. I think all of these things are going too much mashie so let’s get back to the real task. I don’t want that you start searching for the idiom meaning which I still not mentioned. So, I request you take an angular turn from the way you were going. I encountered with this when I was a newbie to this industry and don’t know the ABC of the casino industry. That story was of the starting stage.

I want to give whole credit of my introduction to this industry to my best friends. Some of my friends were playing it in front of me so an enthusiasm was created in me for playing it. I got all information from my friends and for the first time they offered me of playing it. At that time Couch Potato was the first game which I played. I asked meaning of each and every word or information present there. That was looking like reading lyrics of a very famous song. After grabbing all such information I decided of playing it. So, I downloaded an app of it on my android phone so I can play it easily. After making a download of it I created a free account on it. I got some free coins as the joining bonus. That was the simplest one which I can play. It was told by my friends. I already have the information so directly I started betting. That was a free play version so I was playing without any fear of losing money. I was playing only for the motive of enjoyment which I was getting at full extent. That was my first chance with all this industry but from that day I played it regularly and enjoy it similarly as I enjoyed for the first time.

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